Baton Rouge, LA


7951 One Calais Ave.



We spent several days in Baton Rouge earlier this spring as a guest of LSU and were pleased to find a very good Szechuan menu hidden beneath the disguise of a Japanese sushi restaurant. The illusion lasts from the parking lot into the restaurant, but when you see the Szechuan menu and order the food, you'll understand! Though we were busy working with our wonderful string colleagues at the Music Department at LSU, we managed several meals here we liked it so much!

Chicago, IL

Lao Sze Chuan

2172 S Archer Ave, 312-326-5040

Two locations for this restaurant, and we’ve seemed to find ourselves always in the Chinatown location. Of the many “Lao” restaurants in this mini-empire, this one is our favorite for very spicy, very tasty Szechuan cooking.

The Doughnut Vault

401 N Franklin St.

Just a single small door.

Just a single small door.

Besides our constant quest for delicious Asian food, we (or more specifically a couple of us, unnamed) are also on the lookout for the best doughnuts in the land. A recent trip took us to Chicago and a visit to the Doughnut Vault, a much hyped place and the kind that opens to a long line every morning and closes as soon as all the doughnuts are sold out, typically before noon! The verdict: pretty good, though not our very favorite ever!

The goods!

The goods!